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What we Offer

Ideal Prime Ventures International Inc. is a business that engages in distribution of all kinds of prepaid load, beauty, health & wellness products and franchising. It is also a marketing company in the Philippines that provides infinite income growth and possibilities to its franchise owners, through its steadfast e-loading system and very robust business model, that brings prosperity to the lives of its members and their families, with excellence to local and regional markets.

Prepaid E-loading

Powered By LoadCentral. It is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today through the use of any active basic mobile phone via SMS, android phone via LoadCentral Android App and PC with internet connection. It is also a One (1) Sim Load All Networks Service for everyone.

Direct Selling

A good business opportunity for people especially outgoing mothers who want to earn unlimited income while having flexibility and control over their lives. With the backing of an established company and its wide range of products, engaging in direct selling business without making big investment is a good choice for every Entrepinoys.


Every Franchisee is entitled to Earn as much as Php30,000 per Week or Less when you avail Our Starter or Builder Packages. Ideal Prime Ventures International Inc. provides the Most Generous Income-Generated Proven System in the Market with our Ten (10) Ways to Earn.

Lifetime Support

Our team offers the Most Effective Support System to make your business grow – 100% guaranteed! We also provide Right and Proper Training, Tools, Effective Tips and Techniques for our partners to help them succeed in this kind of business.

Business Presentation (9 minutes)

The Best Strategy (5 minutes)


Detailed Ideal Business Presentation (50 minutes)

Offered Packages

Giving you the best package that could make your life better.

Php 3,998

Pairing Bonus

- Php500 per pair
- Php30,000 per day is equal to 60 pairs
- Balik puhunan for 8 pairs

Ideal Quality Products

- up to Php1,500 Worth

Php 9,998

Pairing Bonus

- Php2,000 per pair
- Php30,000 per day is equal to 16 pairs
- Balik puhunan for 5 pairs

Ideal Quality Products

- up to Php4,500 Worth

Perks and Privileges worth Php30,000

- Marketing Videos
- Marketing Website

Our Marketing Plan

Knowing these earning system helps you grow your income here at IDEAL Prime Ventures. We have E-loading Business, Direct Selling and the Concept of Franchising making sure that you will earn using this marketing plan.

Capitalizing with IDEAL Prime Ventures will give you the capability to register an unlimited number of retailers. Registering your friends will give them the chance to access the discounted prepaid products and start selling them to others!
Dealers can make ₱200 by just sending a simple SMS command to register a retailer. The loading platform of IDEAL Prime Ventures makes it possible for you to earn as many ₱200 as you possibly can.
Let’s just say you have 20 retailers, which is quite small considering the number of cellphone users today. You’ll make ₱4,000 for the registration alone and without spending anything for the operation of your business, as SMS charges of telco companies can be as low as FREE! Hence, you won’t have to worry about the recurring expense of your business!

As a member of IDEAL Prime Ventures gives you up to 25% discount on 400+ prepaid products and up to 50% Discount on IDEAL Products like Soap, Coffee etc... This includes all kinds of prepaid products in the Philippines, and more than what a traditional retailer could ever have in their arsenal.
Globe, Smart, and Sun prepaid products and promos are all part of what you can offer as a member. You’ll also have access to other prepaid products such as prepaid Internet, prepaid landline, prepaid cable, online games, and even prepaid electricity!
To give you an idea of this compensation, let’s say your family has 5 members who consume ₱20 worth of load every day. That’s a total of ₱100 per day; ₱3,000 per month; and ₱36,500 per year. IDEAL Prime Ventures can give you at least an average of 10% discount on your consumption, giving you a total of ₱3,650 income per year without selling anything!

Dealers of IDEAL Prime Ventures also get up to 2% override from retailers’ load consumption. You will make money every time your retailers sell prepaid products to others.
Let’s say each of your 50 retailers can consume at least ₱500 worth of load every day. This brings their accumulated load consumption to ₱25,000 per day or ₱750,000 per month. You will then receive up to 2% of that consumption and be credited to your account in the form of loadwallet!
This simple computation translates to a total of ₱7,500 for 1% override and ₱15,000 for 2%! Not bad for an income that won’t require you to do anything other than teaching your retailers how they can start selling prepaid products to their customers.

Endorsement is the heart of IDEAL Prime Ventures, which is why a system has been created for dealers to make ₱500 for every referred dealer. Unlimited direct referrals make it possible for anyone to build a salesforce that can generate more sales over time.
What makes this business even better is that you don’t have to sell anything to make money. In fact, sharing the business to your friends is already enough to build a strong income stream!
Keep in mind that you will be endorsing the whole concept of IDEAL Prime Ventures to your friends. How hard can it be to endorse a company that will help them save money or even build a strong source of income just by using something that they’ve already been using?

As a member of IDEAL Prime Ventures you will have 2 corporate teams (Team A and Team B). Every time the system finds a new dealer under your Team A and B, you will get an additional ₱500 for Starter Package and ₱2,000 for Builder Package as your pairing bonus.
This will be given to every dealer who makes a pair, regardless of the person who referred the new dealer. This compensation makes the system of IDEAL Prime Ventures so powerful, allowing anyone to make money without lifting a finger!
Imagine creating a salesforce of 10 dealers both in your Team A and Team B. If each of them made at least a sale in 1 week, the company will be paying you ₱5,000, regardless of what you’re doing during the time of the endorsement!!

Your income with IDEAL Prime Ventures won’t be limited to your direct referrals and pairing bonuses. The company also utilizes “Leadership Overriding Bonus” which pays 10% of your direct referrals’ income from their pairing bonus.
This ensures that dealers will have the added boost to help their direct referrals make money, regardless of where they were encoded. The more direct referrals you make, the higher your monthly leadership bonus will be.
Let’s say you refer 10 dealers who earns ₱10,000 per month. Your leadership overriding bonus will be ₱10,000 per month!

In the 7th Way of earning in IDEAL Prime Ventures, everytime your DIRECT REFERRAL purchase an IDEAL Product, 10% of it, will go to you as his/her Sponsor.
Then if your direct referral sponsors another dealer and purchase an IDEAL Product, you will get its 5% up to your 10th Level.

On the Career Ladder Bonus, every PRODUCT PURCHASE of your sales group has a corresponding IDEAL Points and when you reach 10 (Ten) IDEAL POINTS, You will rank up as IDEAL SILVER.
If 100 (One Hundred) IDEAL Points, you will be at IDEAL GOLD Ranking and if 1,000 (One Thousand) IDEAL Points, you will be at IDEAL PLATINUM Ranking.
But if you are now an IDEAL GOLD, then your Direct Referral reaches IDEAL SILVER, you will get the DIFFERENCE of their Rank Percentage, 20% (IDEAL GOLD) Minus 10% (IDEAL SILVER). In summary, you will only get 10% of your ideal silver in the product points.

In the 9th way here at IDEAL Prime Ventures, if you are at IDEAL PLATINUM and each of your DIRECT REFERRAL reaches IDEAL PLATINUM Ranking too, You will get 3% of His/Her Product Points.

You will be qualified in the Profit Sharing of IDEAL Prime Ventures if you reach the IDEAL PLATINUM Ranking with 2,000 IDEAL Points with 3 of your Direct Referrals who are ranked IDEAL Platinum too.
For example, IDEAL Prime Ventures earned Php100 Million for this year, 5% of which is Php5 Million will be shared to QUALIFIED MEMBERS.

Best Strategy to Use

If you want a long term results, you must consider this one of a kind strategy that can boost your income here at Ideal Prime Ventures.


In getting a long term goal here in IDEAL Prime Ventures in small span of time, it is best to have a multiple number of accounts (starter or builder) named only for you because the positioning of your account matters. You'll never know what will happen down the line on the coming years. Each of your account will be benefited if it is connected(in the system) with each other. The higher the number of accounts do you have, the great income you can have.

How we do it

In order for you to reach your dreams in IDEAL Prime Ventures, These are the key steps you need to follow in fulfilling it.


Interested individuals must attend our IDEAL Business Presentation (IBP) to know more about how the business works and to secure you from knowing the legalities of IDEAL Prime Ventures.


Get either Starter Package (Php3,998) or Builder Package (Php9,998) to be part of IDEAL Prime Ventures.


Choose how many accounts you must have to earn more income. Remember my friend, the more Accounts named after you, the more income you make here at IDEAL Prime Ventures.


Attend our Three(3) Series of Basic Training to know the effective way in profiting your IDEAL Business and after you completed it, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (COC)


Our responsibility does not start in encouraging you to join in the business but it starts after you join. Doing this Mentoring helps you grow your skills, knowledge and attitude in this kind of industry to make sure you will definitely reach your Goals in Life.


We don't want you to feel toxic while doing your business that's why we set events like parties, dine-in, team building and a whole lot more.


Special Highlights of the Company

We captures every moment here at IDEAL Prime Ventures.

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

  • New Dealer Sign Up

    Builder Package

Do you want to be part of our Growing Family?

Soon you can effectively empower, motivate and inspire people too when we help you to reach your Goals.

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We are proud of these numbers

We are happy to see changing the smile and lives of our people that is why we are passionate enough to create more numbers of quality individuals

52 363 Happy Ideal Dealers
11 Official Millionares Club
89 IDEAL Upcoming Millionaires
12 Awards Received Locally
73 493 IDEAL Coffee Drinks
205 672 IDEAL Kojic Soap Sold
About Us

The Founders

IDEAL PRIME VENTURES INTERNATIONAL INC. Is a business that engage in distribution of all kinds of prepaid loads, beauty, health and wellness products and franchising.


Share hope, Speak life and Raise leaders.


Countless number of people all over the world gain financial freedom for themselves and their offspring


Your partner in building an Ideal Life.

Core Virtues

Love of God - we put God first

Love of Others - the reason we do what we do

Excellence - our way of life

Integrity - you can count on me

Passion - the fire within each of us.


Ideal prime ventures international inc. secures the right permits and license that is needed to prove the legitimacy of the company.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The First and Only ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY Certified MLM in the Philippines. ISO 9001 is the International Standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

SEC Certification

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the government agency that is responsible for securities laws and regulating the securities industry in the Philippines. The commission has the jurisdiction and supervision over all corporations, partnerships or association who are grantees of primary franchises and or a license or permit by the Government.

BIR Certification

This is the most important requirements of all. It certifies that our company is paying the right taxes according to the Law. It must submit a tax statement at the end of each fiscal year.

LoadCentral Company Certification

Launched in May 2005, LoadCentral is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today through the use of any active mobile phone via SMS, android phone via LoadCentral Android App, PC with internet connection or LoadCentral POS Device

Business Permit

Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government.

Brgy. Permit

This clearance certifies that your business complies with the requirements of the local barangay where our business operates.

Company Events

In Ideal Prime Ventures, we gives color in your journey to your success. Here are some videos that makes your IDEAL Journey more exciting.


Top Earner and Car Achievers Testimonial April 2017
Davao Summer Saya March 2017
Subic Yacht Club Experience Sept 2016
IDEAL Grand Launching July 2016
Batangas Summer Saya March 2016


is the home for Driven, Motivated, Visionary network builders in IDEAL PRIME VENTURES INC. Our purpose is to be the strongest team in IDEAL by pursuing our DREAMS and GOALS through right strategies and cooperative team building activities, with the proper skill set, together we achieve more.

  • Jun Belarmino

    Millionaires Club Member
  • Kenneth Barranco

    Millionaires Club Member
  • Celer Salazar

    Millionaires Club Member
  • Tim Villaflor

    Millionaires Club Member
  • Sherwin Torralba

    Millionaires Club Member
  • Your name here

    Millionaires Club Member


To ensure we can help you to reach your dreams. These are the percentage of our Skills that can contribute to your growth.









Our Partners

Who love to work with us

These are the companies we'd love to work with.

Lets hear what our dealers says about IDEAL Prime Ventures

"A life changing perspective. Iba ka pala ang feeling kapag natutulungan mo ang maraming taong maabot din ang mga pangarap nila. Thank you so much IDEAL Prime Ventures International Inc."

April Joyce Orpilla

"Thank you ideal for this opportunity. Sa labas sobrang hirap kitain ng pera pero dito sa ideal sumunod ka lang sa sistema siguradong kikita!"

Jolina Ignacio

"Thank you Lord para sa lahat ng blessings na pinagkaloob niyo po sakin... nagpapasalamat din po ako sa OPPORTUNITY na ipinakita niyo po sakin.. buti nalang at nagDECIDE ako na hindi ko na papalampasin ito. THANK YOU IDEAL PRIME!!!"

Jonar Cuaresma

"iba talaga kapag ISO CERTIFIED ang COMPANY at ang PRODUKTO mo ay ARAW-ARAW ginagamit ng bawat tao."

May Katrina Canales

"Ang sarap KUMITA habang nagtatrabaho ka...yung tipong partimely mo lang sya gnagawa iba talaga pag may extra income ka!"

Wilson Dagon

"Thank you IDEAL! Thank you Lord for this opportunity. Dahil kay ideal nabago ang buhay ko. Wala palang imposible. Dahil kay IDEAL lahat POSIBLE, lahat PWEDENG PWEDE."

Des Lim
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Our Address

1403 Galleria Corporate Center, Edsa Ortigas, Metro Manila

Our phone

Globe: 0906-843-0810


Former IT Employee at Wilcon Depot

Hi Guys! I am Jonathan "Jun" Belarmino, a Former I.T. Employee with 4 years of experience. I am a proud Batangueno living in Metro Manila for 5 years up to now. Nakipagsapalaran ako dito sa Maynila kasi sabi ng mga tao sa probinsya, "Kapag nasa maynila ka daw, maganda daw ang buhay" kaya naniwala ako sa kanila. Not knowing na sobrang hirap pala mabuhay sa manila kapag wala kang pera kaya naghanap ako ng maayos na trabaho para maituloy ko ang pangarap kong buhay sa manila. Unang work ko is Real Estate Agent sa Empire East Land Holdings Inc. pero 1 Month lang ako then hanggang sa nakatanggap ako ng job offer from EEI Corporation as a Computer Programmer with Php10,000 starting salary. After 1 year and 7 months, I decided to resign because i want a greener pasture. I am being employed at Wilcon Depot as their Computer Programmer and focus on Android Development. My goals is having Php 1 Million amount in my savings account when I reach at my age of 30, so that naghanap ako ng opportunity na makakapagfullfil nun. Hanggang sa nainvolved ako sa Network Marketing Industry. Doing it part time is too hard for me but I know my goals and plan for the future kaya hindi ako nagpatalo sa buhay. And then dumating ung point na nakapagresign din ako. And now 2 years and counting na din akong resigned and this industry nalang din ang ginagawa. I am doing this opportunity as a full timer and now a Millionaires Club Member at IDEAL Prime Ventures at hindi lang ako kasi under my team, we created 3(Three) more Millionaires Club Members and still counting. Ang maganda masarap pala sa pakiramdam na marami kang taong natutulungan na unti unti din magbago ang mga buhay nila and never akong mapapagod tumulong sa ibang tao hanggang meron pang mga tao na gusto makuha ang mga pangarap nila sa tulong din ni Ideal. Thank you IDEAL Prime Ventures sa opportunity na makatulong din sa ibang individual. See you guys on TOP!